Street mail or what most people call coincidence continues to be a huge part of my life.

A message this past week clearly pointed the way for me to continue to write. On May 9th., the day after my last post and 6 days after I decided to resume writing here I opened up my inbox to take a look at my Notes From The Universe.  If you’re not familiar with this site, take a look ( and sign up for Mike Dooley’s Messages From The Universe. Each day is a short, often humorous, look at life from the perspective of The Universe.

Despite that the same message is sent out to everyone, there are days when I feel the message is directed to me personally. Which is what happened on May 9th, right after I posted here. The coincidence is that this particular message arrived the day I decided to take a look at the Message From The Universe for the day – after not opening these emails for several weeks! I have no doubt I’m being guided to continue to write. Or, to continue to keep the Journal Of Magic where I write down the coincidences that happen in everyday life.

Here it the very timely Note From The Universe:

“Write it down.

Write it down, Sheila.

Write it down.

See you there,

The Universe

© ®

If you want to make it real, Sheila – faster, cooler, better, redder (as in the color) – write it down”

Check out this website for yourself, sign up, and keep paying attention to Street Mail.

Here’s something from The Guides on Street Mail:

Acknowledging the possibility that your day-to-day reality continues to be the playing ground for Miracles opens you to noticing more and more the coincidences, synchronicity and magical occurrences all around you.  They may be simple, but dramatic.  They give you the feedback to continue to look deeper and deeper and to realize that no event and no person is around you by accident. 

Enjoy magic all around you.