For quite a few years I’ve been fascinated with Street Mail. I’ve kept track of the ways in which these synchronistic events give me messages from Spirit or confirm messages I’ve been receiving. If you need to review What Is Street Mail, read my entry,”Street Mail: Signs and Messages from Spirit” on June 26, 2012.

Last Sunday night I had some Street Mail, which directly mirrored the message I channeled from The Guides earlier in day, posted on May 4th.  I thought I’d share this experience and perhaps it might help you to stay open to this kind of thing in your life.

On Sunday my husband, Alan, and I went out to dinner with some friends. After some debate we took the suggestion of our friend, Don, and went to a new restaurant out of the neighborhood. We had to park about a block away and, as we neared the restaurant, Alan stopped for a moment, looked at a license plate and commented on how interesting to find a license plate that simply said, “Be.” It’s not unusual for Alan to get messages from license plates, something I’ve been envious of for years. Okay, I admit – I still get messages. But his seem so much more dramatic. I realized, though, immediately that this was a message for me. I said, “I think this is significant. It’s for me.” Puzzled, our friends were curious asking, “does this kind of thing happen often for you?” We said yes, this is something we keep track of in our life. Interestingly they didn’t seem to want more details than this.

Later I showed Alan what I wrote and posted earlier in the day, The Guides on Soul Purpose – in particular, “let yourself simply “be” and you will move in automatic accord with your Soul Purpose” and the photo where I placed the quote, “be where you are.” I have no doubt The Universe was validating my decision to start writing in this blog again. Finding Street Mail like this can be so supportive and beautiful.

The one thing I regretted the next day was that I didn’t get a photo of the license plate – so much so that I drove back to 6th. Street where the restaurant is to see if the car might still be there. I drove slowly around the surrounding blocks, but did not see the car with this plate, so no photo this time . . . but I plan to remember from now on to take a photo of such occurrences, so stay tuned.

I hope this inspires you to stay alert to messages everywhere. Keep open to coincidences. Don’t shrug them off as of no importance. Your attention to them will make you feel they are increasing, but I suspect such things happen all the time. We just don’t notice. Had Alan not pointed out the license plate, I would have missed it. But, he is always on the lookout for messages from license plates. It’s become kind of a sport for us – and, thus adds some fun and magic to Everyday Reality.

This one, though, points the way for me to keep doing what I’m doing.

And, reminds me to “Be” in the moment, the moment of magic, yea! And, to keep writing.