Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

We greet you once again and continue to bring messages forth from Spirit. You may be experiencing some frustration as you seek more evidence of the results you want. The day-to-day process of unfoldment may take time in your terms, but this allows for that which is very deep and purposeful to take hold and then you encounter very deep levels of the soul. Don’t be frightened off by the depths to which you must go and encounter, for it is well worth the Journey in the end. The Journey is, in fact, that which is all-important. It is through fully participating in the Journey that you appreciate reaching the goal finally. Of course, you may find that even when you’ve reached the desired goal, you have changed so much in the process that this goal seems not what you really want/need, and so the process continues. As long as a goal is primarily connected to that which is on the physical plane as opposed to the spiritual dimensions, you are bound to be disappointed. Now, that does not mean that you do not work to shape and create Form, but rather that you realize the importance of infusing Form with Spirit. The spiritual qualities are what absolutely create the Form, NEVER the other way around. Focus on the qualities of spirit, then the Form FOLLOWS.  Sheila Reynolds and The Guides